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To All Couples Effected by COVID-19

As we work towards a better world together, there are still going to be hardships that everyone will be facing. As a wedding photographer, when and where we work are considered large gatherings. We are all at a high risk of the unknown, being confused with no real answers as to what will happen moving forward. Moving forward to me, looks like a progression. I have shifted my mindset from thinking "when things get back to normal" to "this is a progression". I have finally accepted that things will not just snap back to normal and everything will be okay.

In business, mindset is everything. I am happy that I've finally been able to shift this focus to be a better business owner and to move forward with our current and evolving reality. With that being said I want all my couples to first and foremost know that I am with you, I hear you, I feel towards you and your loved ones, I hurt for you. We all don't know what and when things will change for the better or for worse. We are going into a hard time of a pandemic through the winter months. Fingers crossed that this is the worst it can get. We will make it to the end of the tunnel, WE WILL.

I want you to not think about what you can't do, what you can't have, rather think about what you DO have and what you CAN do. You do have love - I know that one for sure. I know that no matter what, weddings aren't about how many people you have there. It's not about who got down on the dance floor the best (or the sloppiest) above all its about love. It's about beginning the life you want with the one you love. It's the opening of a new chapter in your life's journey, and we all have that. We have the rest of our lives to hold onto and worship.

I am a true believer that everything happens for a reason. Elopements have always been around, just not as popular as they have forcefully become. I can tell you though - first hand as a wedding photographer. An elopement is something special. It highlights way more of the emotions, atmosphere of your choosing. You have the love and trust in one another and the people you hand selected to be included at your elopement standing beside you. This is not the end. Obviously the wedding industry is changing with a smaller elopement style ceremony and in the future a big celebration. Have you thought that maybe this is what it's supposed to be like? Maybe the world is pointing us in the direction of focusing on WHY you write vows to your partner, WHY you promise forever, and putting more emphasis on that instead of a large party.

I encourage you to consider eloping before canceling your big wedding day. Remember what getting married is actually about, remember why you are getting married to the love of your life. Yes, it could get pricier, we all dread that, but is it worth it? (I hope your answers yes)

Talk to your vendors with kindness and grace as we are all facing these tough times and have been for such a long time. I'm scared of what is to come and what I could possibly miss out on. The thing is though - we are all in the same boat. I know you've heard that one before. Does it make you feel better to hear that? It didn't for me, but after this mindset shift it does make me feel better. I am ready for welcoming in everything this sucky situation has to throw at me with an open heart and open mind. I am a business owner, an entrepreneur and we don't just give up. We evolve and figure our shit out. I wish luck to everyone that has found love through this pandemic and wish luck towards your future. I am always open to hearing your plans and thoughts for your vision of your perfect day in this new world.

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