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Sunflowers and Sun Showers

You can debate whether Mother Nature was on our side during this cloudy afternoon in August. Melissa and Matt were such troopers when it came to us taking our chances with what the weather brought. In upstate New York, our sunflowers bloom around late July, early August. Photographing an engagement session in the tall, beautiful, yellow and green sunflowers has always been on my list of inspiration. Doing photography in the rain? Maybe not at the top of my list, but it is still there, believe it or not! This fine afternoon we got to play around with both sunflowers and sun showers. I came prepared with my lovely transparent bubble umbrella that makes for beautiful photos in the rain. Melissa and Matt didn’t let a little rain shower phase them. They were so sweet to one another throughout the whole session. It was natural getting to know them and even photographing them. They would comfortably laugh at one another and cuddle into each others arms aimlessly. A bumbling bee was our partner in crime the whole time which gave us more laughs. We even got to finish with a rainbow at the end of their session! I was overjoyed to say the least. After this session, I couldn’t get myself to leave the sunflower fields!

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