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Photographers have to create the magic sometimes...

Lets fix that loose piece of hair that just flew into your face...

Having an eye for photography is one thing, but utilizing what you have at your convenience and turning it into art is another. As photographers, there is a long checklist that goes through our heads when composing a shot. Lighting, background, settings, posing and angles, highlights, shadows, and maybe that loose piece of hair that just flew into your face. Another aspect is location. Most people pick out a stunning location which is immensely appreciated by photographers. Other times we have to make lemonade out of lemons, which is not always a bad thing either! It gets our creative juices flowing and still turns out stunning. The way photographers can manipulate a space and capture what we see looks completely different from one eye to the next.

The plus side to quarantine...

One thing that quarantine has given us is a lot of free time. I've learned a lot and have been able to grow as a photographer. I watch videos of creatives that have been at it for more than a decade. I’ve also buckled down and put more work into my Wedding Photography Master Class. With all this learning, I wanted to utilize and practice these new ideas and skills to really hone in on my art.

Let's put in the work!

A friend who I’ve known since high school got married last year to her now husband, Stefano. I had Alyssa put on her wedding dress for a bridal session to practice what I’ve been learning. Who doesn’t want to hop back into their wedding dress, feel amazing and gorgeous one more time? I saw all the cherry blossoms and plum trees blooming with their beauty. I couldn’t miss this opportunity. While practicing at a safe distance, we went outdoors for a little creativity. This shoot was taken on the side of the road! Yeah I said it, the side of the road, in my grandparents neighborhood.

Just because something doesn’t look appealing doesn’t mean there is no opportunity there. A little change of angles and a creative eye can solve many, if not, all situations! As photographers, you hire us to capture art and beauty. It is our job to make you feel unbelievably amazing in your own skin and to make a stunning image, no matter the circumstance in locations. Check it out!

Lets turn this into magic!

After, we made our way to my favorite! The blossoming trees! (almost done blossoming trees too if I'm being honest)

Can you believe we were this close to the road here?

I knew the way the sun was coming through these trees would play a big role in the images I was about to capture. It was a little before sunset. At first I wished the sun was lower but I have to say, turns out, I am not mad about it at all!

We ventured around the neighborhood a little bit to find new locations.

Finally, we ended our session back on the side of the road. We went to the opposite side of the neighborhood to shoot in the field just beyond these trees. I thought the field had long grass growing. They must have cut it before we got there. Instead, I saw some potential pictured below. Once I noticed the angle of the sun was shining beautifully through these trees, it was game on!

These are the images that we were able to capture!

I love this last one. It looks like Alyssa is walking straight out of a fairy tale. There is potential where you least expect it. With a good eye, light, and composition artists always find a way. Thank you for reading!

Flowers: Acme - bouquet made by me :)

Dress: Maggie Soterro

Location: Lagrange

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