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Danielle and Bobby | Mills Mansion Engagement Session | Hudson Valley NY

Danielle & Bobby

Mills Mansion, Staatsburg NY

November 2022

Danielle and I had already had a phone conversation solidifying we were a perfect match to shoot their wedding day. I was very excited to get to shooting their engagement session! Bobby on the other hand, was definitely the type of guy that was. not. into. getting his photo taken. That's OK - it was also a very early morning session. I get it, we aren't in the mood at the top of the morning. Totally understandable, Bobby.

My photography style is usually set at sunset, but I'm so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone to accommodate scheduling and get Danielle and Bobby their engagement session. I really fell in love with the morning light! We walked around the property chatting about everything from weddings to buying a new fixer upper house. (Both of us being new home owners) The grounds made for a perfect session including ALL the fall leaves at the end for some fun goofy shots. By the end of their engagement session Bobby gave me the blessings of all blessings coming from a man, a man that you could clearly tell, was not having it with the photos. He said "Wow, that was the first time I've ever actually had FUN doing a photoshoot." Bobby, you don't understand how much that sentence means to me. So much that I am putting it in a blog post to always remember. ✨

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