Basha Kill Wild Life Engagement

I feel the love growing as I get to meet more of this family. Tara and Stephen traveled home to visit their family, along with scheduling their engagement session with me. I have photographed others in their family before and since their very first photography session we’ve become very close. I’m happy to call them friends! So when Tara reached out to me for an engagement session, I was more than honored that I get to spread more joy among this family. It was bittersweet since they chose the same location as my very first photoshoot with Tara’s brother and his wife. The loyalty that comes with amazing clients is irreplaceable and I am so grateful!

Bringing along their pups, we got to adventure Basha Kill Wildlife Refuge starting off by a stream. We got adventurous in a beautiful dress as I was spread eagle split between stepping rocks in the middle of the stream. My excitement was so real. As the sun was setting we danced until it was gone then decided to keep hanging out through dusk. I would usually close the session by this time since I know lighting isn’t the best, but I also got good artistic vibes from Tara and Stephen so I figured, why not. The photos that came out have more of a film-like quality and my creative gut was telling me to hit send on them.

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