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Awosting Falls - Engaged During a Pandemic

I bet planning anything since March 2020 is somewhat, to VERY complicated. Am I right?! Especially if you got engaged during the pandemic. It has to be so frustrating navigating what could be, or what should be, when we could plan this, or when we can do that. All the what if's really put a damper on the exciting feelings of being engaged and getting to plan the special journey to your wedding day.

The weight of the world was weighing down on Regina and Mike, until Regina reached out to me one day. They had gotten engaged in November of 2020 at a getaway vacation with friends. Mike surprised her with family too once he popped the question. How exciting, right!? That magical feeling of saying yes to your love has set sparks to your world, but only to have the realities of a worldwide pandemic do a roundhouse kick right to your gut and knock you flat on your face. FRUSTRATING - to say the least.

When Regina reached out to me, she told me they hadn't booked a venue yet because of the uncertainty. She wanted to surprise Mike with a session to get them into the celebratory spirit again. Luckily, if you book an engagement session with me before you book your full wedding package, your balance from your engagement session will go towards your deposit for your wedding!

They had booked a mountain weekend getaway in March of 2021 and boy, did we go on an adventure! Their dog Koda came along with her adorable paw pads to protect her from the snow. We brought a pop up tent with us to change into fancy outfits after the trek to the waterfall and BAM, magic happened. This session was so much fun and I'm so glad to have met Regina and Mike. To give them these memories that mean something so special to them is why I love doing what I do.

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