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Alyssa + David's Tuxedo Park Elopement

At first Alyssa was chomping at the bit to pull together her and Davids (technically second) wedding day. I could tell by our first phone call. They live in North Carolina, but wanted to come back to their families in New York to have an elopement that they deserved. They married at town hall in North Carolina where they were forced to share their first kiss with masks on. How much more COVID can you get?! I could sense the feeling of last minute planning and the stress in her voice of just wanting this day to be something special to share. We finalized a timeline and I sprinkled in a little extra, because, I have a HUGE heart for all my COVID affected couples. As soon as I arrived and met Alyssa and David for the first time everything felt just as it should have been. I felt like I walked in to meet two of my friends at their elegant house warming party. This event did not look unorganized or thrown together. Everything had the perfect amount of decor, the colors were on point, and so was the space of their families home for their elopement. It made everything feel a sense of intimacy and togetherness. Congratulations Alyssa and David on your beautiful, well deserved, wedding day part 2. How many times do you get to say you've married the love of your life twice?

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