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A Bear Mountain Anniversary

I had the great pleasure of photographing Nikki and Nicks elopement during December of 2018. I was thrilled we got back together for a one year anniversary photoshoot. We chose a beautiful location up in the mountains of the Hudson Valley, Bear Mountain State Park. I wanted to go up to Perkins Memorial Tower to capture them in front of the amazing views that the Hudson Valley has to offer. Unfortunately, being the off season, the entrance to the tower was closed. I wasn’t worried because Bear Mountain is such a huge space. Every setting at the mountain has something unique to offer. So, we traveled back down the mountain to the state park. Still in great spirits, this couple brought their fun-loving personality with them to hang with my camera and I. These two are such a fun couple to work with; Nicks humor mixed with Nikki’s light and fun personality make for the ultimate power couple. Thank you for being you guys!

Bring in some snow!!

...and we'll finish off with some personality pics!

Nikki and Nick, you will always have a special place in my heart.

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