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Think About Lighting on Your Wedding Day

I know, I feel you. There are SO many things to think about on your wedding day. I’m bringing one to you to think about wayyyy before your big day. Why? Because I want you to get the most out of your day with photos that show it. Thinking about where and when the sun will be on your wedding day is crucial to your timeline with your vendors. As photographers we adapt to a whole lot when it comes to light. I personally love working with (and without) a lot of light. I love to push the boundaries and see what magic I can create.


The Sun and the Seasons

You know that the sun rises and sets at different times during different seasons. Did you think about how it would affect your wedding day? If you think of an outdoor wedding in June, the sun is setting around 8:30PM and you have so much day to soak in! An outdoor wedding in November, the sun would set around 4:30PM. That cuts off 4 hours of daylight! I don’t know about you but I LOVE stealing my bride and groom to run out into a beautiful location with an amazing backdrop of the sunset. This also makes for the best intimate, quiet, and romantic moment between the bride and groom. I am of course, just there third-wheeling it with my camera capturing all of that juicy story. GORGEOUS. I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it.

Timeline of your day

Whether you do a first look or not, the sun will either be high up in the sky or getting ready to set. That is what we call the golden hour, or magic hour. After I got home from Disney, whenever I mentioned “magic hour” everyone rolled their eyes thinking they’re about to hear yet another Day in the life of Kellz at Disney. No, my lovely family and friends, picture time is what it is! Typically your photographer plans your wedding portraits right after the "first look" or right after the ceremony, sometimes both! Every wedding is unique and every couple is different.

Overcast or a rainy day

Chin up beautiful! A rainy day will bring you the best one-of-a-kind wedding photos. An overcast day, keeps the lighting balanced throughout the day. The clouds actually bounce light down to us resulting in vibrant light and the best complexion.

Florals: Hudson Valley Floral

Hair: Christinatamesmanes

Makeup: Anamarrero_mua

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