Amazon Finds for your Styling Kit

It's all in the details!!!


Have you ever seen those gorgeous flat-lay images that wedding photographers post on their social media? Want to get the same amount of beauty and details in yours?


Picture this: You arrive at your wedding but your clients bring next to nothing in the way of details. Here are some products that I've used that add that *little bit of spice* to your images without completely changing the bride and grooms vision of their own individual wedding atmosphere.

Adding a touch of ribbon to your flat-lay will help the viewer's eye go from piece to piece. By styling these ribbons throughout the invitation suite it will help with movement, direction for your viewer, and add a little bit of luxury to the image. I suggest to start out with very neutral colors to begin your ribbon collection. Neutrals will be better utilized for more weddings than starting out with those bold pops of color. I always like to get a feel for my clients wedding colors BEFORE I arrive. That way I will have everything I need already prepared for the day.

The Mrs. Box's go for insane amounts of money. If your client purchases one - amazing! I don't know about you, but I'd rather get these more affordable ring boxes that make THE biggest difference in your images. Again - start out with neutral color pallets and then bring in those colorful pops. They come in all different styles and colors. Get a hexagon, oval, or square shape - whatever speaks most to you and your brand!

Having a ring tray is also great if you don't have a box. These can also be used for earrings and other small details as well. 

Bonus Tip

If you want to practice your flat-lays and up level your portfolio with new imagery of details - keep reading!

When I was first starting out I went to Minted.com and signed up to receive a FREE wedding sample kit. I used these invitations to mock up a flat-lay design. Here are some of the results